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Zaiby International Trading provides high-quality imported consumer goods to wholesalers and distributors across Canada. They needed a website to showcase their products and provide a professional online presence. Cyberace designed a website that met their requirements with a clear product view, dynamic breadcrumb methodology, and a fascinating sub-menu for the brands dropdown option. The outcome was a successful website that allowed Zaiby’s partners to access their products easily and efficiently.

About Zaiby International Trading

Zaiby International Trading, located in Calgary, Alberta, offers top-quality consumer goods imported from around the world to wholesalers and distributors across Canada. With a nationwide logistics network, they guarantee timely delivery of high-quality products. Zaiby is dedicated to building long-lasting business relationships through exceptional communication and exceptional customer service, backing all their products.

What was required?

Zaiby International Trading wanted a website to display their product catalogue for their partners to easily view and access. They asked for a layout following the sequence of “brand-categories-product type-products” and wanted the ability to use a dynamic breadcrumb and a sub-menu for brand options.

What we did at Cyberace

Cyberace listened to Zaiby International Trading’s needs and provided a website solution that met their requirements. We designed a website that allowed for a clear and organized product view with a sequence of “brand-categories-product type-products” pages. To enhance the user experience, we implemented a dynamic breadcrumb methodology that made it easy for users to quickly navigate through the website and find the information they needed. Additionally, we included a fascinating sub-menu for the brands dropdown option to make it easy for users to access the different brands and products offered by Zaiby International Trading. With these features, the website provided a user-friendly interface and improved access to the product catalogue for Zaiby International Trading’s partners.

What was the outcome?

The website designed and developed by Cyberace was a success. It met the requirements of Zaiby International Trading and provided them with a professional online presence that enhanced their business partnerships. The website’s user-friendly interface and clear product catalogue allowed their partners to access their products easily and efficiently.


Interactive Sub-menu For brands Section

The challenge was to develop a website for Zaiby International Trading that would meet their needs for easily accessing their product catalogue. Cyberace successfully tackled this challenge by creating a website with a well-organized product view and a dynamic breadcrumb methodology, as well as a fascinating sub-menu with bullets for the brand drop-down option, making it easier for their partners to find the products they needed.

The Tools and Technologies we used for this project

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