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Skylark is a painting service brand that approached Cyber Ace, with the goal of increasing their online presence and attracting more customers. Cyber Ace worked with the team at Skylark to develop a new website and implement a content marketing strategy to achieve these goals.
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About Skylark Painting

Skylark is a well-established painting service brand that has been in business for over a couple of years. They offer a range of services including residential and commercial painting, as well as wallpaper installation and removal. Despite their long history and reputation for quality work, Skylark had a limited online presence and was looking to increase their visibility and reach potential customers through their website.
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What was required?

Skylark approached Cyber Ace with the goal of developing a new website that would effectively communicate their brand and services to a wider audience. They also wanted to implement a content marketing strategy to attract and retain customers. In order to achieve these goals, Cyber Ace needed to understand the needs and preferences of Skylark’s target audience, as well as the unique selling points of their services.

What we did at Cyberace

To develop the new website, Cyber Ace worked with the Skylark team to identify their target audience and develop a design that would appeal to them. The website was developed using responsive design techniques to ensure that it would display correctly on all devices, including mobile phones and tablets. In addition to the visual design, for the implication of content marketing strategy, Cyber Ace created a range of high-quality, informative content for the Skylark website, that would be of interest to their target audience. We also helped Skylark to repurpose their existing content into different formats, such as infographics, to increase the reach of their content.
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What was the outcome?

The new website and content marketing efforts were successful in attracting more visitors to the Skylark website. This led to an increase in inquiries and ultimately, more business for the company. The website’s search engine ranking also improved, resulting in increased visibility for Skylark’s services. Overall, the website development and design project with Cyber Ace helped Skylark to effectively communicate their brand and services to a wider audience, leading to increased business and success for the company.


Balancing the client’s vision with the needs of the target audience.

One of the challenges faced during the project was the need to balance the desires of the Skylark team with the needs of the target audience. While the Skylark team had a clear idea of their brand identity and the services they offered, it was important to ensure that the website and content were appealing and relevant to their target audience. Cyber Ace worked closely with the Skylark team to identify the key elements of their brand and services that would be most appealing to their target audience and incorporated these into the website and content marketing strategy.

The Tools and Technologies we used for this project

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