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Creating a platform that syncs with the needs of a potential client in the most simplistic and easy outlook is what My Techvisor had in mind when they reached out to us at Cyberace. Our team pushed it through with our skills and talents to make the project a success!
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My Techvisor Inc. established in Calgary, Alberta defines itself as a solution provider bent on giving efficient, dependable, and economical technical solutions to people with little or no computer knowledge. Their professionalism and workmanship connect families and friends through devices and also ensure that people whose activities or jobs are related to technology have a smooth sail.
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What was required?

A cutting-edge website, that showcases all the provided services by the brand in a minimalist but creative design, with an easy-to-access format so anyone and everyone can be comfortable in having their queries met. Along with that, a logo that defines the brand’s true approach, and serves its purpose, thereby giving the brand a unique identity. As a result, we gave an output that satisfied these conditions and also leveraged user experience on the website.

What we did at Cyberace

Formulated a goal-oriented strategy that prioritized all the enlisted requirements of My Techvisor, with their budget in check. We created a website that is easily accessible by all users, and at the same time has a prevailing look, giving it an attractive approach. For the logo, we infused the exact spirit of the brand, so it reflects its genuine goals. All this while keeping our client informed, submitting drafted mock-ups for approval, and allowing for any recommendations.
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What was the outcome?

A successful operation that resulted in a highly satisfied client. From the website’s easy-to-access and contemporary style involving custom graphics and desired features to the brand’s logo that portrays an individual wearing a headset, ready to assist you with your IT-related queries reflecting MyTechvisor’s exact service. With all that in account, our client was content and happy with the delivered out-turn by Cyberace.


Multiple Services Using Illustrations

The goal was to highlight a variety of services being offered using conceptual illustrations and graphics. The biggest challenge, however, was the fact that we had to build the website from scratch. In response, we set out a structure to cater to the specifications. Our team analyzed the type of audience our client was reaching out to, and formulated and incorporated in the website the ideal visuals that expressed the services in detail to enhance efficient communication between My Techvisor and its potential customers. Our incredible results confirmed the trust we had assured our client.

The Tools and Technologies we used for this project

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