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Restaurant Website With Pick-up and Delivery Feature Integration

Gate of India Airdrie, a new Indian restaurant located in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada, enlisted the help of Cyberace for a range of digital services, including creating a website, optimizing search engines, implementing online food ordering, and integrating a secure payment system. They pride themselves on offering authentic Indian cuisine made with fresh, organic ingredients and aim to provide an enjoyable dining experience for their customers. Cyberace’s goal was to increase their online visibility and attract more customers.
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About About Gate of India Airdrie

Gate of India Airdrie is a new addition to the Indian restaurant scene in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. They are known for their authentic Indian cuisine, which is made with fresh and organic ingredients. They believe that food should be delicious and a memorable experience and they strive to provide that to their customers. They offer a variety of traditional Indian dishes, from tandoori specialities to biryani and curries, as well as a selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. They also provide catering services for events, making it easy for customers to enjoy their delicious food on any occasion.
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What was required?

Gate of India Airdrie needed a website that would showcase their menu, location, and contact information in a clear and convenient way. They wanted to include a section for online ordering and the ability to make reservations, as well as original content that would introduce their restaurant and its offerings to potential customers. They also wanted the website to be visually appealing, optimized for search engines and have the ability for customers to place orders and make payments online, and also have a cart preview with an additional option to edit the list of food items.

What we did at Cyberace

Cyberace offered comprehensive digital solutions to Gate of India Airdrie including website design and development, SEO, online food ordering and secure online payment integration via stripe. Our team collaborated closely with the restaurant to understand their brand identity and objectives, and used that information to create a website that effectively conveyed their unique offerings. The website we created is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and includes a section for online ordering and reservations. Our team also wrote original content that introduced the restaurant and highlighted its offerings, such as authentic Indian cuisine and catering services. To increase visibility and attract more customers, we also optimized the website for search engines. Additionally, we integrated a food ordering system on the website, allowing customers to place their orders online, and integrated stripe for secure online payments. We also added a cart preview feature with an additional option to edit the list of food items. One unique feature of the increase in delivery charge according to the distance between the delivery location and the restaurant was also integrated.
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What was the outcome?

The outcome was an appetising user experience that effectively showcases the restaurant’s menu, location, and contact information, as well as its unique offerings. The website has helped the restaurant to increase their online presence, attract new customers, and increased their revenue through online food orders and payments. The online ordering and reservation system have made it easy for customers to enjoy their delicious food from the comfort of their own homes or by making a reservation for dine-in. The website also helped the restaurant promote their catering services, which has been a great addition to their business.


Dynamic Menu, Tip Feature and more.

During the project, we faced several challenges such as creating a dynamic menu that would allow customers to see the results immediately as they searched through the menu. We used Jquery to achieve this, which allowed customers to quickly and easily find the dishes they were looking for. Another challenge was integrating tip options for customers who wanted to leave a tip for the restaurant. We solved this by adding a feature that allowed customers to add a tip during the online ordering process. The client also requested that we include combo meals and separate dishes in the same menu, but we had to also incorporate a feature that would not allow customers to order combo meals and separate dishes together in a single order, due to differences in hours of availability. We were able to achieve this by implementing a system that would only allow customers to order items that were available during their selected pickup or delivery time. Finally, the client wanted to offer discount coupons to customers, which required us to integrate a coupon code feature into the online ordering system. This allowed customers to enter a code at checkout to receive a discount on their order. We were able to successfully implement all these features which helped the restaurant drive repeat business.

The Tools and Technologies we used for this project

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