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CL Freights is a transportation and logistics company that specializes in providing a variety of shipping and freight services, including over the road (OTR) trucking, drayage, intermodal, and air freight. They work to safely transport products and negotiate the best rates for their clients, using their network of reliable transportation firms. Cyberace was brought in to provide website design and development, to help CL Freights improve their online presence.

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About CL Freights

CL Freights is a transportation and logistics company that has a team of professionals who know how to transport a variety of products safely and effectively. They have access to a network of reliable transportation firms that can move just about anything reliably. They possess the right technology required to coordinate their clients’ loads, allowing them to convey suitable transaction data for maximum value with the least amount of client work.

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What was required?

CL Freights required a website design and development. The website should be user-friendly, easy to navigate and professional-looking. They also needed it to be mobile-responsive as most people search for transportation services on their mobile phones. They also needed the website to showcase their services and their team.

What we did at Cyberace

Cyberace provided website design and development services to CL Freights, creating a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, and professional-looking website. The website was designed to be mobile-responsive to ensure that it would be easily accessible on mobile devices. We also provided original content that highlighted CL Freights’ services and decorated their vision with catchy taglines.

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What was the outcome?

The outcome of Cyberace’s work was a website that effectively showcases CL Freights’ services and team, while also providing easy access to important information for potential customers. The website received positive feedback and helped CL Freights improve their online presence.


Logo Rendering As Per The Theme

One of the main challenges faced during the project was to render the logo as per the background change. The logo should be clearly visible on any background and should look appealing. Cyberace was able to successfully overcome this challenge and deliver a website that met all the client’s requirements.

The Tools and Technologies we used for this project

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